Can Cost Effective Refurbished Servers Actually Match the Quality of OEM Servers?

Regardless of size, a corporation or firm needs servers to provide network connectivity and foster employee collaboration and regular business activities. 

You can choose between new and refurbished servers when shopping, as they both have benefits and drawbacks. However, many businesses consider refurbished servers since they are significantly cheaper than new ones and are usually just as effective. 

This article will explore whether cost effective and refurbished servers match the quality of brand new ones. Regardless of what you end up buying, be sure to consider your needs, budget, and variations between the two types of servers. 

Difference Between Refurbished Servers and New Servers

A reconditioned server has previously been owned but refurbished to its original state before being sold again. Its components have all undergone extensive testing. It’s been thoroughly cleaned, with the exterior painted if necessary. After that, the OEM factory settings are restored. The reseller provides a warranty as an additional assurance of security against potential problems.

refurbished servers returned to their original factory settings are known as refurbished servers. They go through thorough testing as well. Their physical needs are met. They function just like brand-new servers. 

On the other hand, a new server has just been installed and is outfitted with the greatest and most modern technology. Its updated and sophisticated software can offer your company seamless operation and several advantages. A new server is equipped with characteristics that can increase connectivity, speed and better manage large network connections.

New servers that have never been owned or refurbished before are readily available on the market. They have a guarantee that lasts at least three years and includes support services and the manufacturer’s original components and spare parts. 

Now let’s take a closer look at refurbished servers. 

Refurbished Servers

A refurbished server has undergone re-engineering to restore its prior functionality wherever needed. It currently provides the same processing power and outstanding performance as a brand-new server. Most refurbished servers from well-known manufacturers like IBM, Dell, HP, and Cisco are in good condition and have a longer useful lifespan. Using these branded second-hand servers, a firm can reduce its IT expenses by a substantial amount. They are essential assets for a business.

Who Benefits From refurbished Servers, and How?

In the following circumstances/reasons, refurbished servers are a good choice;

  1. A refurbished server is an option if the server you wish to purchase is a member of a cluster, and its failure won’t cause any downtime. The effectiveness of your applications won’t be affected.
  2. Vendors of refurbished hardware can offer quality support packages at cheaper costs if you require third-party support services and a guarantee for a refurbished server system.
  3. You might choose a refurbished server if your workload can function effectively without the newest technology and performance. Most of the time, a server that has been refurbished uses technology from an earlier generation. However, it can effectively manage all of your business responsibilities.
  4. Refurbished servers can be swiftly assembled and dispatched if you need a server immediately.
  5. A refurbished server is the best choice if your budget is tight because you get more servers for your money.

Benefits of Buying refurbished Servers

The following are some benefits of buying refurbished servers;

  • Modification of Server Spare Parts

Occasionally, you must replace specific server components. Reconditioned goods are helpful despite the abundance of alternatives that come and go. The ease of replacing server spare parts even enhances the efficiency of corporate operations. These things are easily accessible, so there is no need to travel anywhere to find them. Servers that have been refurbished save the business time, money, and effort.

  • Excellent Operation

Servers that are out-of-date or nearing their end of life perform equally well, if not better, than new ones. Refurbished servers must have the right combination of server hard drives, server RAM, and server CPUs for optimal performance. Refurbished servers provide excellent performance if the configuration is carried out by a professional. Depending on their setup and needs, these refurbished servers may even outperform new servers in terms of performance.

  • Low-Cost Customization

Refurbished servers are a great option if you need to purchase a high-performance server but are on a tight budget for IT hardware. The server can also be set up to suit your particular business requirements. 

  • Consistency & Reliability

Your data safety depends on the server you choose to purchase. Refurbished servers are equally trustworthy as new ones. The refurbished servers, which contain all elements, including the power supply, storage devices, motherboards, cooling fans, etc., are thoroughly inspected by the sellers. They also extend the duration of your warranty. Before purchasing a refurbished server, each of these items is crucial. 

  • The Price

There are several situations in businesses when the cost is a factor, with IT server system maintenance at the top of the list. Everyone is aware of the affordability and dependability of refurbished goods. Purchasing refurbished servers allows your business to cut costs substantially while still receiving the same top-notch performance that you would get from a brand-new server.

Can refurbished Servers handle 24/7 Workloads?

Refurbished servers are trustworthy, especially those that are branded and of high quality. They offer guaranteed execution and genuine components. For a small investment, they offer more outstanding performance and expanded capacities. They operate like brand-new servers and provide reliability and integration. You may rely on them for demanding workloads and those that operate continuously.

Should you buy refurbished servers?

IT development has led to regular server upgrades that replace outdated servers with more modern ones. Due to this, purchasing a new server has become substantially more expensive, leading some buyers to choose refurbished servers instead. Contrary to widespread assumption, purchasing a refurbished server is easier than you may believe. All you need to do is choose a reliable vendor like iTekData, who can provide you with a fully functional and durable server. 

Purchasing a refurbished server generally provides several advantages. You can save a ton of money by doing this. Refurbished servers, which are less expensive options, can benefit small firms or IT professionals that are short on funds but need a server.

The fact that these servers have warranties is another excellent factor that makes them worthwhile purchases. You can use this guarantee, which a reputable seller often provides if your server experiences problems.

How About The Quality of refurbished Servers? Is There Any Quality Control?

Most refurbished servers come with a high-quality guarantee. Reputable vendors ensure they are properly inspected and tested for quality and function at various levels during the restoration process. These servers are made with high-quality spare parts from reputable brands. Any broken part is fixed or replaced by the sellers.

The vendors know that performance and quality are unwavering priorities to meet. You can be sure that the finished product satisfies all requirements for quality. A one-year seller warranty is offered on all refurbished servers. You are eligible to claim free replacement and repair throughout the warranty period. 


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