How to Buy Used Server Equipment

How to Buy Used Server Equipment

As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, purchasing a used / refurbished equipment can offer significant savings โ€“ read the full article here: Refurb vs New IT Hardware.

This post explains what you need to look out for when buying used server equipment.

– Check the server rack size and features: Ensure the server has a rack that is well built, an easy to manage cable system with plenty of good ventilation.

– In the Refurb vs New IT Hardware post, we mentioned refurbished hardware offer better warranty, support, and maintenance. As a note, you can enjoy savings of 40-60% from OEM extended warranties, support / maintenance.

– ROI: The phrase every accounting department wants to hear. You always want to make sure you are receiving a good deal on your purchase. If youโ€™re not saving at least 30% on your used equipment, then you may want to negotiate again.

At iTek Data we will help you source the perfect equipment to suit your operation whilst taking into consideration your budget. Our excellent supply chain and inventory management ensure our stock are readily available for our clients and set for delivery at any given time.

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