Refurb vs New IT Hardware

Refurb vs New IT Hardware

So, you’re thinking about purchasing new IT equipment for your department, but your financial controller isn’t giving you that much to spend! What do you do? Well here’s a thought….how about purchasing refurbished hardware? Why refurbished, you might ask? Well, we have jotted down a few simple reasons, as to why..

  • Significant savings! – This HAS to be a good enough reason. Think about all the money you’ll be saving that you can better spend elsewhere. Often times, you could be saving up to 80%! You’ll be surprised to know, that the condition and quality of refurbished hardware are thoroughly tested and updated to meet the latest industry standards. These equipment go through thorough testing and they are all refurbished to meet current industry standards.
  • Better warranties, support, and maintenance – Yup, you read that correctly! Refurbished equipment are often supported by low-cost maintenance plans, support, and warranties. You can enjoy savings of 40-60% from OEM extended warranties, support / maintenance.

If that doesn’t hit the point home, then continue reading below..

  • Spares are readily available – In the event of a glitch or breakdown, you’ll be glad to know that spares for components are easily obtainable and often have a very quick turnaround, helping you get right back on track without spending much $$.
  • Save the planet! – By purchasing refurbished equipment, you’ll be a good Samaritan and help reduce wastage in landfills.

About iTekData

iTEKDATA (ITD) is a leading provider of Enterprise Class IT Hardware/Technology, aiming to create a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of equipment for clients around the world.

iTEKDATA (ITD) has an excellent supply chain and inventory management. This ensures that our stocks are readily available and are all set for delivery at any given time.

ITD has a wide range of brands at its disposal – Leading brands in IT hardware in the market, including but not limited to Cisco, HP/HPE, Dell/EqualLogic, IBM/Lenovo, Juniper and a lot more. Our commitment to quality is towards our clients!


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