Refurbished Business IT Hardware is Better than Brand New

December 21, 2022

The demand for quality IT hardware keeps increasing. Businesses keep updating their equipment for increased functionality, which can cost a lot. One question on the minds of business owners is, “should I buy new or refurbished IT hardware?

Many people opt for refurbished IT hardware because it can be significantly lower in cost than new versions. However, there are other reasons why refurbished IT hardware can serve you better than a new one, and we will explore them in this post. 

Four major reasons why refurbished IT hardware is better than brand-new hardware

1. Price

Research shows that the cost of the refurbished version of newly released hardware can be up to 25% less than a new one. This significant price slash could be up to 75% for the refurbished version of hardware that has been on the market for longer. The nature of refurbished hardware allows customers to get a great, long-lasting product on a budget. You get to spend way less and get incredible value for money. What’s more? Refurbished hardware is almost always available for purchase. This isn’t always the case with new ones. 

2. Longevity

Contrary to popular belief that refurbished hardware is always defective, many devices were returned for other reasons other than defects. Refurbished IT hardware is remade to work better, deliver optimally and last long. You can expect a good 2-3 years of usage from refurbished hardware if it’s purchased from a trusted source like iTekData and is well taken care of. Brand new hardware is known to last at least 5 years, if well-maintained. Therefore, the longevity difference is not big enough to be a deal breaker, especially when you consider other perks of refurbished hardware. 


3. Comparable quality to OEM (original manufacturers)

Research shows that refurbished hardware is just as good as brand-new ones in terms of quality and performance. The research demonstrates that remanufactured IT devices performed as well as new ones, making refurbished IT hardware can be a great purchase decision. Quality is a priority for refurbished product suppliers like iTekData. Quality control and thorough criteria are hallmarks of wholesalers like iTekData. At the end of the day, you want your hardware and equipment working for you physically and financially. 

4. High-quality after-sales service and maintenance 

Buyers love warranties, especially extensive ones. Brand-new devices come with one to two-year warranties, which is fair, but those on refurbished hardware can often be longer. For instance, the warranties on IT devices sold at iTekData exceed that of the OEM to keep customers at peace with their purchase. 

After-service care is also usually better with refurbished IT hardware dealers than with an OEM. You can contact the equipment supplier for maintenance if a malfunction occurs and they will be prepared to fix the issue. So, when you buy refurbished IT hardware, you can count on consistent access to the supplier for after-service maintenance for the equipment’s lifetime; even when newer technologies or iterations emerge. 

Five bonus reasons to buy refurbished IT hardware instead of brand new

Non-interference with an existing system 

If you dread the drag that accompanies the synchronization of a new device to an existing structure/system, then refurbished IT hardware may be perfect for you. You will not deal with conflict in your existing system or structure with a used and improved IT device that syncs well with your current IT ecosystem.

Immediate delivery of equipment 

When the demand for specific hardware versions is high, delivery takes longer than usual. On the flip side, refurbished IT equipment is repurposed in large quantities from purchase and stored in large warehouses. When any business needs them, they are immediately delivered and installed, followed by regular customer maintenance and support. 

Environmental friendliness 

The Bureau of International Recycling predicts that Canada and the U.S. will create about 9.25 million tonnes of electronic waste. When unnecessary manufacturing is prevented, waste is avoided, energy is conserved, and the earth heals. If sustainable living is one of your goals, you can help your environment by using refurbished IT hardware instead of brand-new ones. 

Chain carbon footprint reduction 

IT manufacturing companies use a large amount of steel, plastics, and aluminum when producing servers. According to a report by Dell, over 1200 kg of CO2e is used in a server’s mining, production, and transportation, and 1750g of CO2e is the average for lower-blade servers. Deciding to upgrade to a refurbished device saves the earth from some carbon emissions. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us. 

Trusted data security 

Since data security is crucial in the IT industry, data regulations are applied to refurbished equipment selling. So don’t just buy refurbished IT hardware from any organization. Buy them from companies like iTekData, where data protection is ensured. 

Refurbished devices follow the criteria set by the international organization for standardization (ISO). So, a wise check before buying any refurbished IT hardware is to look out for its ISO certifications; that way, you are sure of data safety. 

Summarily, refurbished IT business hardware has come a long way in helping businesses save money and still get 100% functional hardware solutions. If you want refurbished hardware, opt for a trusted IT partner like iTekData to get the best bang for your buck. 

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