Three Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party Maintenance

Three Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party Maintenance

If any part of your IT infrastructure goes down, you’ll know that your business may take a big hit. Whether it’s a server, data storage, hardware, or networking issue, third party maintenance is a great solution to offer you peace of mind when the inevitable or unexpected occurs.

We’ll present the top 3 reasons why your business needs to consider using a 3rd party maintenance vendor:

1) Get your business up and running, almost immediately

A breakdown in your IT infrastructure can occur at any time. How long you take to get your systems up and running will determine how much of a loss your business will take. Usually, your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) will take at least 4 hours to determine what the problem is and troubleshoot the issue with your IT team over the phone.

Consequently, a TPM (third party maintenance) vendor can offer an equal level of expertise as the OEM with a faster turnaround. Within the same 4 hour window, a TMP will address your problem, help to remotely diagnose the issue, and if applicable, deploy engineers to be on-site.

2) Business growth supported by Hardware-as-a-service

When you’re moving into a new location or facility, there are multiple issues to consider – how you will transition smoothly, what will happen to your old equipment, and whether your hardware needs any maintenance or upgrades.

A TMP will address all your IT concerns efficiently saving you time and most importantly money! A TMP’s subscription model would cover: shipping logistics which include installation and training, scheduled upgrades, as well as maintenance and repairs.

3) Get All the Help You Need

Whether it’s a simple or complex issue, a TMP vendor can provide multiple levels of support to get you the help you need. A 24/7/365 response help desk will collect your information and determine what support you need. If a part has failed and needs replacing, a logistics team will take over and if required, an on-site engineer will be dispatched to your location.


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