What are Examples of IT Hardware?

December 20, 2021

Software and hardware form the main parts of most computing devices. The tangible parts of the computer make up the hardware, whereas the programs or apps are the software of any computing device. In other words, the hardware is also often referred to as the machinery of the computer. In the world of technology, both hardware machinery and software have their own significance.

The IT industry is considered the most rapidly growing and innovative sector of the economy. There have been multiple innovative developments that have changed the way we live. Where software provides us with solutions to problems and structures the process and simplifies complicated procedures, hardware works like a backbone.

For example, we use smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and watches to use the internet. Without these physical hardware types of equipment, the software is useless. So the significance of hardware cannot be compromised in order to achieve technological change. Let’s have an overview of some examples of IT hardware.

An overview of some essential IT hardware

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The central processing unit, also called the CPU is responsible for processing all the relevant information from programs run by your computer. Different CPUs come with different clock speeds, actually, it’s the number of instructions it is capable of processing in any given second which is measured in gigahertz. The quality or clock speed of a computer’s CPU has a quite major effect on overall system performance.


The motherboard, also known colloquially as a mobo is considered the main printed circuit board of a computer. It just not only houses the CPU but also operates as a hub that all other hardware runs through. It functions to allocate power to the other components, coordinate them, and process the communication between them.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Random Access Memory is considered a type of physical hardware inside a computer that works as a temporary storage place to store data. It is generally found in the memory slots of the motherboard. Its purpose is to serve as the computer’s “working memory” specifically for the information created by programs. So the faster the RAM, the faster will be the processing speed at which memory transfers data to other components of the computer.


The keyboard is just like a typewriter-style device that allows users to conveniently interact with their computers. Users input characters, text, and other commands by pressing specified buttons known as keys. Although the keyboard is usually considered to be an external hardware component, it is also an integral part of most computer systems.


Printers are considered output devices that operate to generate hard copies of a specific type of electronic data stored on the computer. Usually, it converts the form of text or images on paper. The most common types of advanced printers use laser technology and easily connect to the computer either via the computer’s USB port or via WI-FI.

USB flash drive

A USB flash drive is similar to a portable data storage device. The best thing about USB drives is that they come with no moving parts. This makes them more durable. Plus, a USB flash drive also has an integrated USB interface and just simply connects to the computer via a USB port.

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